Dos and Don’ts to get your Amazon Seller Account reinstated after suspension

Running a business on Amazon can be one of the best decisions that you make. It increases the reach of your business. However, there are some issues that you will have to inevitably deal with. One of these issues is seller account suspension. Amazon suspends the accounts of those sellers who are in violation of the policies of amazon.


Since the policies of Amazon are very buyer-specific, you might often find yourself in the “Amazon suspended my account” dilemma. Getting your account reinstated is a difficult process. If you do not know the right strategy, you might make the matters worse. Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services help you to get your account reinstated and they are 24*7 available for their clients.

Their team of experienced experts develops a strategy by applying their insights in the field. They usually get the reinstatement cleared in 24 to 48 hours. If you are in a fix, you must reach out to them.

Mistakes that kill the chances of your account reinstatement

1- Opening a subsequent account- This might be the number one mistake that amazon sellers make after account suspension. Not only are you likely to commit the same mistake which would lead to suspension to this account as well, but also you underestimate Amazon’s services. Amazon links all the accounts having the same owner.

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Thus, opening a new account is of no avail. In fact, it worsens the situation and thus, makes it even more difficult to get your account back.

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2- Appealing Instantly- Your appeal must always be preceded by an analysis of what caused the suspension. However, people often appeal blindly, being driven by emotions and rage. You must always consider collecting data like that Amazon has declared, looking into the IPR complaints, etc.

You must also collect your evidence which proves that the alleged issue did not occur and you must be ready with a future strategy to evade the occurrence of a similar issue again.

3- Threatening to sue- Suits in the court of law may extend to longer durations. Suing Amazon will not bring the proper remedy to you. Approaching the courts or even arbitral tribunals must be the final resort.

4- Modifying past invoices- Modifying the past invoices is never a good idea. Sellers whose accounts are suspended due to procuring the products from unauthorized sources often indulge in such activity. This will have a devastating impact on your request to reinstate your seller account because Amazon will eventually catch you.

Even an insignificant alteration might defenestrate your complete chances of account revival.


5- Contacting the Seller support- Even though it sounds like they may help you, the seller support is of very little help in cases of account suspension. The right department that you must approach is the Seller performance department. The seller support department has answers to very generic questions and can be of no use in your case.


You must avoid account suspensions at all costs if you want to really grow a flourishing business at Amazon.

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