Avoid Common Amazon Suspension Causes and Protect Sellers Right

Amazon sellers are always making sure that they play by the policies to avoid their accounts getting suspended. A notification via email about account suspension is devastating to recipients. The path of reinstating their seller rights on Amazon is challenging to navigate.


YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services helps sellers to address and resolve the causes of Amazon suspension. The team ensures that their clients gain their seller’s rights. Every year many sellers are heard saying, ‘Amazon suspended my account’. The reasons are different, so you need to understand the common causes of Amazon’s account suspension to avoid and protect your seller’s rights.

Having many Amazon seller accounts

According to Amazon’s policy, ‘Operating & maintain several seller accounts is forbidden. If a legitimate business needs a second seller account, they will need approval from Amazon’. Many sellers even with legitimate businesses fail to abide by this policy.

When Amazon detects policy, violations associated with accounts using the same IP address or same bank details or Tax ID or email address or physical address, then these impermissible linked accounts are suspended.

Restricted product sales


According to Amazon policy, ‘The sale of unsafe, illegal, and mentioned restricted products along with items available by prescription-only is strictly banned’. There is a restricted item list Amazon has provided.

Sellers joining FBA must review the FBA product restriction list. Sellers must never feel discouraged but schedule some time to check the prohibited item list before they add some product.

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Hacking of seller account

Amazon seller accounts are suspended due to hacking. Hackers change the bank details and transfer funds to their accounts in some foreign country. Amazon detects suspicious activities, so suspend the seller’s account until account details are verified with the seller.

Inauthentic complaints



Amazon takes product authenticity seriously. Seller is liable for sourcing and selling genuine products. If they detect fake items the seller’s account is terminated or suspended. Inventory held in Amazon’s fulfillment centers is destroyed without compensation.

Inauthentic complaints are baselessly made by unsatisfied buyers but Amazon considers these seriously. To avoid suspension, sellers must respond to unsatisfied buyers’ complaints as fast as they can. Even make sure to pack items properly because damaged products get labeled as inauthentic.

Copyright infringement

An intellectual property dilemma like using text or an image that belongs to someone else has caused several seller accounts to be suspended under copyright infringement. The seller has to resolve this problem directly with the right owners, which is challenging. It is sensible to take approval from the intellectual property owner before using their text or images.

Poor customer service


Amazon takes customer experience seriously. Therefore, the seller’s customer service performance is based on a few metrics –

  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate – <2.5%
  • Order defect rate – <1%
  • Order delays or late shipment rate – <4%

Lack of fulfilling the above metrics is associated with poor customer service performance. Amazon ends an account suspension notification to the seller.

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Amazon is taking efforts in making its platform more customer-friendly. Therefore, sellers are under tight scrutiny. Sellers need to adhere to Amazon’s policies and even if their accounts are suspended gain professional help to reinstate their seller’s rights.

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