BBQs 2u Offers Authentic Grilling Experience with Its Kamado Joe Grills

Kamado Joe Grills

Get-togethers are fun with barbecue and grills. Choosing the wrong grilling equipment can spoil the entire taste of the food. Many people make the mistake of choosing poor-quality grilling equipment without properly researching the pros and cons of the same.

BBQs 2u is one such online platform wherein one can shop for all types of grilling equipment. They are of the leading retailers in the UK that sell Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza ovens. They have over 12 years of experience in the grilling department and have a great deal of knowledge that can help customers make the right decision while purchasing their products.

They have a huge range of Kamado Joe barbecues that are complemented with fabulous accessories that can enhance their customers’ grilling experience. They even offer fantastic customer services and sales support to address any types of queries by their esteemed customers.

Recently they have come up with their Kamado Joe Bundle that comes with gifts. They sell the Joe Bundle in two versions – Kamado Joe – Big Joe II & Kamado Joe – Big Joe III. Customers opting for Kamado Big Joe II can enjoy hassle-free cooking and make amazing meals.

Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle

Under Kamado Big Joe III comes with additional cart and side tables making it suitable for holding big events or get-togethers. It has a Hyperbolic smoke chamber insert also known as the SloRoller. This maximizes the smoke flavor in the food and evenly distributes the heat when cooking at lower temperatures.

Customers looking for a more standard version of Kamado Joe can check out the Classic series offered by BBQs 2u. It comes in two series like the Joe Bundle – Classic II and Classic III. Classic II comes with a split firebox that can allow cooking directly and indirectly.  The Air Lift Hinge makes it easier to lift. Minimal changes to the grill setup are required and one can cook all types of delicacies on it.

The Classic II version is one of the newest versions added by the company. It comes with a premium cart and side shelves to stock cooking essentials. This also comes with a SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber insert.

Customers can opt for a Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle such as DoJoe and JoeTisserie Rotisserie and save money. DoJoe transforms the Kamado grill into a perfect pizza oven. The spit rod and forks in the JoeTisserie Rotisserie are easily adjusted and ensures that perfect balance and steady rotated for cooking meat.


The company also sells portable grills such as Kamado Joe Jnr and the kettle version known as Kamado Joe Kettle. Kamado Joe Jnr is the perfect campaign to take on camping weekends or beach parties. It can easily fit into the back of any vehicle. It comes with a ceramic heat deflector that can retain the ideal temperature for smoking grills.

Kamado Joe Kettle is quite popular for its heat retention capacity. It also comes with a 2-tier cooking system making it versatile to cook in different temperature settings.

BBQs 2U is a one-stop shop for all types of Kamado Joe barbecue equipment. The products sold by them are of high quality and at the best prices. They even have a Facebook page wherein all information about their latest products is updated.

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