Best B2B Trade Show Giveaways

The goal at any trade show is to generate traction and enhance visibility. When you target a B2B audience, you need to focus on accomplishing this objective, generating leads, and driving trade show traffic. The use of giveaways has long been on the list of ways to make a splash on the show floor. But B2B clients are more sophisticated than ever, so a unique presence is needed to strategically attract the right people with credible giveaways.

Why Giveaways are Important at Trade Shows for B2B Clients

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Giveaways are gifts. Your company gives a present to a potential client to promote your brand. Different types of trade show giveaways support generating leads, brand awareness, and corporate reputation. Gifts can attract more traffic to your trade show booth to increase the ROI of the event.

  • When you display the gift at your trade show booth, traffic is naturally drawn in from nearby. Potential clients see the giveaway and are willing to trade their contact information or sometimes in the conversation for the present.
  • From farther afield, attendees who have been at your trade show booth previously walk around the show floor carrying your gift. Make sure it is in a branded bag or is easy enough to carry as-is, so other attendees see the giveaway and become curious. This silent word-of-mouth advertising drives foot traffic from the entire trade show floor to your booth.
  • Brand memory is the core of why companies attend trade shows. By gifting useful branded items to B2B clients, your logo, and therefore your brand, stays top-of-mind for as long as they use the item.
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B2B clients are discerning and sophisticated, but they are attending the trade show for a reason. They are looking for suppliers and partners – just like you! This is the time when these business representatives are most open to information about your products and services, so take advantage of this time!

B2B Market Representatives at Trade Shows

Trade Show

At industry-specific and general trade shows, you will find a variety of B2B market representatives. These are usually professionals sent by their organizations to check out the opportunities at the trade show. Many, you will find, have their own booth at the show, and take the time to see if there are others there who could be profitable business partners. Target your giveaways too:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Franchise Owners
  • Professions such as Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Reps, Architects, Physicians, and more

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Trade Show B2B Giveaway Ideas

There was a time when pens and t-shirts were what everyone hoped to carry home from a show. Now, B2B clients have more practical expectations.


If you publish a newsletter, offer a free subscription sign-up opportunity at the trade show booth. Make sure you provide practical information and resources while you let prospective B2B clients learn more about your business.

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For the B2B market, research databases and directories work as an ideal giveaway. But don’t give away unlimited access to these premium resources. Limit the time the access is free, and then offer a paid subscription.

Branded Laptop Bags

Impress industry executives with branded laptop bags. Add a simple brand name and logo. Most professionals carry a laptop almost everywhere now for remote work. This useful gift enhances the value of your brand.

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To target a B2B market, focus on relationship building with current and potential clients. Personalizing giveaway items create long-term value for your next trade show.

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