Boat trip in Barcelona – new emotions and impressions

Bored and in need of new experiences? Can’t enjoy the views of Barcelona on your way home from work? “Barcelona Boat Rental” will fix this situation and provide an unforgettable boat trip for you, your friends, and your guests.

Boat trip

The secret of the popularity of such leisure time is as follows:

  • original recreation;
  • impressive entertainment for city guests;
  • a quality boat trip;
  • polite service;
  • a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

Boat rentals have their own work scheme and program, which our clients really enjoy.

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Combine business with pleasure on the following types of boats:

  • “Mojito” yacht, from 350 euros per hour – a small boat that can accommodate up to 10 people. The yacht has a cozy salon, a promenade deck, and utility rooms on board.
  • The salon is located on the lower deck, where you can order karaoke, watch TV, or listen to music. The covered upper deck resembles a cozy veranda with practical furniture that is not afraid of rain or sun;
  • “Outremer 42” catamaran, from 250 euros per hour – a compact economy-class vessel that can accommodate up to 28 people simultaneously. For comfortable boarding and disembarking, there is a convenient gangway on the boat.
  • Open decks are equipped with special furniture for organizing buffets and a cozy cabin company is located on the lower deck, decorated in a modern style, where you can order karaoke and have a small buffet;
  • “Southern Cross” sailboat, from 900 euros per hour – was completely renovated in 2007 according to an original project. The ship is ready to accommodate from 25 to 65 people, depending on the event format. The lower deck is equipped with two lounges.
  • Panoramic windows perfectly illuminate the small room and create a romantic mood. Sliding glass doors leading to the stern give the room a special charm. The upper deck is protected by a semi-transparent awning, which allows you to take walks in any weather.

Boat trip

Renting a boat at will not only allow you to relax but also to better explore the sights of Barcelona.

Not every resident can boast of knowing all the beauty, as there is simply insufficient time for that. That’s why boat trips will help fill the gaps and get to know the native city.

And if you have the desire to spend time with friends but are tired of movies, billiards, or bowling, welcome aboard the boat, where you will be met with an exciting adventure, breathtaking views, and unforgettable emotions.

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