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Develop Good Cleaning Habits with These Tips

For a lot of us, hose cleaning is a difficult and annoying chore that needs to be done. However, just like with most other things, if your heart is not in it, chances are that the results will be lacking as well.

This is why we asked the cleaning experts at My Maid Service of Cincinnati to share some of their tips on developing good cleaning habits. If you follow these tips, not only will your home be clean and clutter-free, but you’ll also find the process to be less daunting.


Regularity Is Perhaps the Most Important

Set a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it. The regularity of the tasks will make house cleaning a part of your routine and you basically won’t even think about it as a separate task.

Whether you opt for cleaning some things once a week or every other day, setting aside some time for cleaning will make it feel less like a chore.

Pick Up Things Along the Way

As you go about your day, take a few moments to pick up things that are out of place. This way, you won’t have to do a big cleaning session every time things start to get messy.

Furthermore, if you have kids, getting them into the habit of picking up their toys can save you a lot of time. In the same way, they will not even think about it as a chore because it will become a healthy habit. And they will develop this habit at an early age.

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Start Small

Start with small tasks and work your way up. For instance, fold that laundry that’s been sitting for a few days. Or just organize your coffee table. Once you get into the cleaning mood, you can give yourself a more challenging task to do.

If you try to tackle everything at once, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and give up. The psychological barriers are much easier to break if you go slowly and take it easy. Another important thing is to set realistic goals. Don’t expect your home to be perfect all the time.

Faster Cleaning Tips

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t forget to reward yourself! The psychological rewards for a task well done are extremely important for developing positive habits. After completing a difficult task or hitting a milestone, take some time for yourself.

Whether that means you’ve been cleaning for an hour or that you have completed a particularly challenging task, taking a break is pretty important. Give yourself some time off, perhaps watch something or listen to music – or even make yourself a snack.

However, keep in mind that your job is not done, so don’t overdo it. Otherwise it might be just as difficult to continue as it was to start.

An Assortment of Faster Cleaning Tips

If you are mainly looking for tips on how to clean your home faster, professional cleaners do suggest following a few basic rules:

-After your warmup, start with the areas that are used the most first – they will be the most challenging and should probably be cleaned while you’re still energetic.

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-Work from top to bottom – this way you’ll only have to do it once

-Vacuum last – the floors will collect all the dirt from your cleaning and dusting, leave vacuuming until the end and you’ll be done much sooner.

Take a Chance to Appreciate Your Hard Work

Finally, once you are done, take a good look at the end result. You might think it’s stupid, but seeing the results of your hard work are actually very beneficial. It will give you a good incentive to repeat the activity and see the great results again.

And who doesn’t like to see a clean and tidy house?

By following these tips, you’ll develop good cleaning habits in no time!

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