Dual Diagnosis and Its Effects on The Life of The Rehab Patients

Dual Diagnosis

The terms ‘comorbidity’, and ‘co-occurring disorder’ refer to the condition of a patient with the issue of both mental health and substance abuse. Both the conditions can occur either together or separately and may mask the severity of the other, and hence it becomes difficult for the experts to determine what came first.

Studies have shown that 50% of the patients that are diagnosed with substance abuse issues will have the dual diagnosis issue. The best way of handling this problem is with the help of the experts and Arrow Passage Recovery center is the place where you will find one. Based in Ohio, this rehab center has successfully handled many of such issues in their patients. You can visit their webpage to know more about their treatment procedures.

Things to know about dual diagnosis

dual diagnosis 

Here are some of the things that are associated with the issue of mental and substance abuse issues in a person.

  • It is very common 

It is one of the commonly diagnosed issues in the patients that visit their physicians with substance abuse issues.

  • Associated with many mental issues 

Substance abuse will be associated with one of the many kinds of mental disorders such as,

  1. Anxiety disorders
  2. Bipolar disorder
  3. Dysthymia disorder
  4. Depressive disorder

Other issues that are diagnosed with substance issues in the case of the co-occurring disorder are schizophrenia, ADHD, ADD, and personality disorders.

  • Specific substances cause this issue 

Studies have shown that the main cause of mental disorders in patients that are suffering from substance abuse problems is different based on the type of drug that they are attached to.

  • The treatment is quite complicated 
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The treatment for the patients suffering from co-occurrence disorder starts when the experts diagnose the actual cause of the issue. Such patients will have a long way to go from there towards rehabilitation and it includes complete support from the friends and family members of the patients. Hence, the treatment is not easy for this disorder.

Symptoms and signs

Symptoms and signs 

You should understand that it is time to look for a rehab center that offers treatment for co-occurrence disorder when you or dear one start exhibiting these below-mentioned symptoms and signs.

  • Risky behavior includes rash driving, unsafe sex, unsupervised swimming, and so on.
  • Showing the signs of aggressiveness and other such withdrawal symptoms when they are kept away from the substance
  • Sudden change in their behavior
  • Intake of drugs in more quantities to achieve the required level of euphoric effect
  • Isolation from the family, society, and also from everything that was once a favorite way of spending time
  • Legal and financial problems
  • Unable to stay away from the substance or alcohol
  • Craving for the substance all the time

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These are the physical signs of co-occurrence disorder. The effects of mental health because of the addiction is seen in many forms such as,

  • Confusion
  • Mood fluctuations between lows and highs
  • Concentration issue
  • Expressions such as anger, sadness, fear, etc., exaggerated
  • Issues with sleeping or eating
  • Change in their normal sex drive
  • Physical pain that is difficult to explain

If you notice such issues in your friends or family members, then it is suggested to seek out the required help.

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