Avoid Havoc Due to Amazon FBA Suspension by Being an Honest Seller

Amazon is a digital platform that has given every large and small business a chance to earn revenue. Every day Amazon has to beat tough competition. Therefore, they are extremely particular about their performance rate. Any business that delivers poor-quality products or bad customer service is suspended immediately.

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Amazon FBA Suspension

Amazon judges you with the best customer service you give to your buyers. Customer service will include good quality products, fast shipping, sending tracking messages to keep the buyer updated, and proper after-sales service if required. Every negative feedback from a buyer alerts Amazon, and they start monitoring your account. When the red flags increase with time and when you’re unable to meet the parameters, Amazon suspends your account and sends a notice via email.

When your account is suspended your funds are frozen, but not stolen, and you won’t be able to sell any product through Amazon. Don’t even think of opening a duplicate or second account, this can completely restrict you from selling in the affiliate market.


The first thing that comes to a seller’s mind after being suspended is to reinstate the account. This may take time and proper planning. Working with an Amazon appeal service provides relief that the matter will be handled systematically.

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Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services helps in reinstating Amazon FBA suspended account. Their experienced and knowledgeable team works directly with the Amazon seller Performance representatives to reinstate the account within 24-48 hours. Their in-house lawyers and customer service representatives, work together to assist you with your Amazon account issues.

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How to Avoid Amazon FBA Suspension

Optimize your Performance

The e-commerce giant works hard to remain the best in the market. To do that, they eliminate all those businesses that are impacting their overall image with poor service. To protect your account from getting suspended, you should always check your account health in the Seller Central through the Customer Metric tool.


This tool tells you the defect rate, late shipment rate pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and perfect order percentage. If you don’t meet the criteria in any of the above-mentioned parameters, Amazon can suspend the account.

Violating Sales Policy

Amazon has its selling guidelines which include various clauses. These clauses are created so that none of the businesses can use double selling standards.

Some of their policies include creating another account to sell the same products, copying other brand’s product descriptions or titles to boost sales, selling restricted items in different categories, putting misleading information about the product, price, and manufacturer, buying fake positive feedback from the third party to increase ranking.

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Amazon monitors your account in the first month of collaboration. Also, when any of the above-mentioned policies are violated, they start monitoring your account sincerely and block it the moment your activities become suspicious.

Amazon will initially send out a warning before suspending the account. It is wise to read all warnings the moment you receive them. It is not necessary to seek the help of an Amazon appeal service only when your account is suspended. You can also take help from them to improvise your performance and reduce the chances of suspension.

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