How to Do Safe Pallet Changing in Industrial Environment?

In the production environment, often goods have to be transferred from one pallet to another because of hygiene, and also expensive pallets may continue to circulate within your production environment.

Pallet Changing

Usually, this can be the case with industries like the following:

  • Food processing companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare companies

These industries are increasingly preferred to use plastic pallets due to their superior sanitary properties. A plastic pallet is resistant to fungi and bacteria, which may grow on wooden products. Also, it is much easier to sanitize plastic pallets but it can be a bit more expensive than wooden pallets.

With the help of a pallet changer customized and supplied by Top Industries, you can do a safe pallet changing operation in your warehouse or the production setup.

By using pallet changers, your goods can be moved horizontally from any plastic pallet to wooden pallets or vice versa easily and keep your plastic pallets within the loop.

Particularly for items like sacks, drums, or overhanging goods, pallet changers using the inverting and tilting method are more suitable, particularly whenever the goods happen to be insensitive but not very stable.

Such machines are called pallet tippers that can handle different pallet sizes easily even if the pallet quality is poor.

You can change up to 40 pallets per hour. In the process of tilting, 2 side walls fix your goods. Then a palletizer tilts the goods backward up to 135⁰. Each pallet can be simply replaced at floor level by tilting it back.

Pallet Changing

Both methods however resemble each other and hence can be mentioned interchangeably. Pallet changers will be using inverting method and pallet changers will be using the tilting method, where the load will be tilted to a certain angle.

The differences between these 2 techniques are as follows:

  • Pallet changers will use the tilting method but turn the pallet backward only 92⁰ to 135⁰.
  • Pallet inverters will rotate your goods 180⁰, which means that the loaded pallet turn upside down.

A few companies also offer manual pallet changer systems, which give the opportunity to increase the complete production potentials of the vertical machining center irrespective of whether you have a minimal shop or very large factory floor space.

A manual pallet changer can also increase productivity significantly without additional operator input. Regardless of the manual pallet changer type that works best for your specific application, you can be assured that it is a latest state-of-art equipment

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The following are a few benefits offered by the manual pallet changer system:

  1. Retrofit Compatibility with almost any application
  2. The capacity of up to 2,000+ pounds
  3. Adjustable legs for accessing chip/coolant drawers
  4. Consistently High Production need with minimized spindle downtime
  5. Increased machine and operator productivity
  6. Ground-locating and hardened bushings
  7. At each contact point “Dual Air Blast”
  8. Multiple safety interlocks
  9. Dual-palm button system
  10. For JIT production easily paused job cycles
  11. Quick pallet exchange

Pallet Changing

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