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How to Identify Your Home’s Driveway Issues?


Concrete is adored by homeowners for several reasons, but mostly because it is useful and long-lasting. Due to this, concrete is typically used for driveway construction. However, even if they are built to last, problems could still arise eventually.

Although it is sturdy, it won’t last forever. Therefore, if you have a concrete driveway, there are a few things to watch out for as well as some routine maintenance you should incorporate into your schedule.

Visit the website to read more about concrete and identify your suitable contractor. The following are a few issues on your driveways that can be easily identified when you need to work on them.

  1. Large or many cracks

The first clue that your driveway is deteriorating is when surface cracks start to emerge. In addition to age, other variables that can develop cracks include hot summers and cold winters, freeze and thaw cycles, and chemical deterioration.

  1. Annoying potholes

Your driveway can have annoying potholes as a result of the hot and cold weather as well as rainy conditions. Even tiny potholes can harm the wheels and suspension system of your car and become tripping hazards that can lead to an ankle twist.


  1. Poor drainage

Surfaces made of asphalt and concrete suffer damage from moisture. When it rains, the issue is made worse by your property’s improper drainage.

Failure of the gutters, a lack of French drains, or an improperly sloped surface can all contribute to this problem.

  1. Old age

Time will inevitably wear down your concrete (or asphalt) surface, no matter how properly it was put. Your driveway will eventually need to be redone due to usage and weather wear.

  1. Discoloration
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Concrete’s vibrant hue, which is a distinct, crisp white-gray, will fade with time to become a heavier grey. The color of the concrete will deteriorate with time if you choose to tint it when it is originally poured.

  1. Stains

This is considered to be aesthetically pleasing. It is advisable to take care of stains as soon as you detect them, whether they are caused by gasoline, oil, or even antifreeze. Cleaning today rather than six months from now will be considerably simpler.


If you don’t have time to clean up the stain immediately away, cover it with an absorbent substance like baking soda or cat litter until you do.

  1. Unevenness

This is an indication that the ground beneath the paving is unstable and has structural issues. It is unlikely that you need to pour a brand-new driveway.

The driveway’s unevenness can be quickly and affordably fixed by adding an overlay. The thickness of your overlay will depend on how uneven the surface is.

  1. Corrosion

Corrosion can be brought on by harsh chemicals, bad weather, or both. In any event, you should take care of it before it develops into a major issue. On this one, you should probably contact a concrete contractor.

With all of these warning signs to watch out for, we are confident you can take good care of your concrete driveway and enjoy this durable addition to your house.

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