Ideas To Run A Profitable Business in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful small and landlocked country in Europe, which is also touted as the hub for businesses and investment. Popular for its high-tech and relatively stable economy, this nation has business-friendly laws by the state. When it comes to per capita income, this is the wealthiest country around.

Besides that, Switzerland has been ranked as one of the most competitive economies in the world by the world economic forum. If you are planning to start a business in Switzerland, then this article is for you because we will discuss some ideas to start a business, which will flourish in Switzerland.


However, if you are new to the business and have never run a business before, then it is likely that you may take the wrong decisions. To prevent this from happening, you must go to the website of Bernard de LaguicheBernard de Laguiche is an international businessman with an extensive experience in the field for over 40 years. He is also based in Switzerland and Brazil.

He has a lot to share about his business experience. In his blogs, he regularly shed some of the wisdom that he has gained by engaging in business for this long time. One of the most important things is that businesses are never straightforward. You will face many ups and downs in business and how you handle them decided whether you will be a successful businessman or not.

Industries in Which You Can Start a Business 

1- Tourism industry- Switzerland is a very beautiful country in Europe. It attracts a lot of tourists each year. Since many people come to this place for its beauty of nature, one of the wise business models can be to start a tourism business. There is a lot of scope for those who invest in the tourism industry in this country.

Besides this, you can also start a business in which you can provide services to the tourists such as starting a restaurant or a bar. Starting guide services or starting a professional photography business. You can also provide car and bike rentals to tourists coming into the country.

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2- Consultancy services- this small nation in Europe is popular because of its business-friendly laws. This is the only reason why it attracts so many start-ups and businesses. The country attracts a lot of investment. Every year, thousands of start-ups flourish in this business. Many newcomers in the business industry start their businesses here.

The best option for starting a business here is to start consultancy services for those who have started a business and need help in setting up and expanding the business. These business owners hire experts who help them in promoting the business and expand the business. The profession takes minimal charge when compared with the profit that you will make.


Operating a business is not an easy task and you will require constant guidance and support from someone who has detailed insight into the field.

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