List of Best Hiking Trials in Tenerife for Adventure Lovers

Tenerife is a tourist hotspot. However, most sports enthusiast travellers avoid going for Tenerife excursions. Tenerife has a lot to offer in terms of sporting activities, especially hiking, making it a surprise, but perhaps excellent, choice for active travellers.


We have gathered some exciting hiking spots in Tenerife that are full of adventures and amusement –

Teide Peak

Distance – 17km

Time – 7 hours

Height – 1,344 m

The Teide Peak is the subject of some of Tenerife’s most classic postcards Because of its outstanding conic shape and moon-like environment. It’s also the highest point in the country, with a height of 3,718 metres above sea level.

The majority of visitors arrive at Teide Mount via cable car. However, if you wish to climb to the crater, you’ll need a special permit, which is reserved for weeks (months during peak season) in advance.

Teide and Pico Viejo

Distance – 21 km

Time – 10 hours

Height – 1,361 m

If you want to trek Teide Peak by yourself, then follow these trails:

  • American state Blanca – Pico Viejo – Teide Crater

The easiest way of going through Pico Viejo (the island’s second-highest peak at 3,135 metres) is that you will simply see its vast 800-meter-diameter crater.

The main drawback is that the walk begins and ends at completely different locations. You’ll be able to park your car in the Blanca parking area, walk the route (which ends at the Parador Canadas del Teide), and then return to your car.

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Cruz Del Carmen – Punta Del Hidalgo

Distance – 12km

Time – 6 hours

Height – 62 m

You can visit Anaga Park at the northeast tip. It is one of Tenerife’s best-hiking spots. Anaga is known for its lush valleys, rocky peaks, and dense forests. The Cruz Del Carmen to Punta Del Hidalgo offers a diverse range of breath-taking scenery.

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Circular Afur – Taganana

Distance – 12 km

Time – 5 hours

Height – 900 m

This trip that begins and ends in the scenic village of After, offers stunning views of Tenerife’s shoreline. Apart from the trek’s unique nature, After and Taganana are delightful villages that provide pleasant lunches or strolls.

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Masca Canyon

Distance – 5.3 km

Time – 4 hours

Height – 30 m

Barranco First State Masca has become one of the most popular hikes on the island. This may be because it is close to popular destinations such as Los Gigantes and Playas de las Américas. The incredible cliff Masca dominates the terrain. A shipping service also runs from Playa First State Masca to Los Gigantes for the return trip.

Circular Chamorga – Roque Bermejo

Distance – 11 km

Time – 5 hours

Height – 760 m

This journey will take you through the Anaga Mountains and down to Roque Bermejo. It is a charming fishing town with a little chapel and a black-sand beach. The walk runs through Cruz del Draguillo, Tafada, and Chamorga, which serve as the start and finish points.

There are various locations for hiking and each trail is covered with lush greenery and mesmerizing beauty. You can book a hiking trip with Club Canary. It is an excursion company started by a group of young people. They plan out everything for your holiday even before you hit the land.

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