Look for Decent Jobs Online In Nigeria and Earn Good Amount Money


Nigeria is facing economic hardship. People are looking for endless ways to earn money online. If searched properly, Nigerians can find various jobs online. They only need to understand their calibre and skills to perform in that job. There are various paid and free tools and resources that can help Nigerians to earn money.

The free techniques are a wiser choice for beginners because experimenting without investing money is safer. Still, earning money through different techniques requires a lot of hard work, consistency, and no smugness. However, only a few of the techniques are genuine that help in making money online. Some of the techniques have either blacklisted Nigerians from participating in the money-making business.

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Decent Online Jobs in Nigeria




A blogging job is a decent job through which anyone can make money online. You can create your account and post your blog or write for someone else and become a freelancer. Blogging can be done on any topic as long as you have good writing skills.

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Online Banking Job

Your job is to open an account on the Nigerian app V. this app is owned by the biggest Nigerian microfinance bank, the VFD Microfinance Bank. After creating an account with them, it is your core job to hire people to open an account with them. Basically, you’ll be working as a sales agent for them. You get a commission with every new account.

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Web Search Evaluator

Web search evaluators help search engines like Google to improve their search results and match with what people are looking for. It is a remote job so you just need a desktop, laptop and internet connection.


It is the highest-paying online job in Nigeria. You help in creating software for the company. For this, only those people can try who have specialization and qualification in this field.

Data Entry

Data entry is an easy job that can be done by anyone in Nigeria. Simply enter data for any business or online survey website and earn money for doing small tasks. Survey jobs also come in entry data jobs. Websites and companies will ask you to fill survey forms and you get paid for every form.

Online Teaching

If your knowledge in any subject excels, you can choose to teach children online. There are tons of people online who always want to learn new things. Either you create your website or join an online course program and teach students to get paid.

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Affiliate Marketing


Through affiliate marketing, you can promote a product of another business. Once the product is sold through your channel you get commissions. You can promote the product through social media, blogs, etc.

Social Media

Working as a social media manager is a lucrative job. You need to market a business on social media. Managing the company image will help in increasing business. You can either work on commission or monthly salary.

There are loads of jobs available online. You simply need to know your calibre and skills.

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