Reasons to Choose Silicium for Getting Healthy and Fine Hair Growth

Nowadays most people are deeply concerned with their looks and beauty. For which they are being more careful towards their skin and hair. In case of strong hair, it not only enhances your beauty, but also adds self-confidence. Hence, here we are going to discuss hair care products, especially Silicium.

Reasons to Choose Silicium

Where to get the best Silicium product?

If you’re worried and getting it harder to find and choose the most suitable products for your hair care, then don’t get stressed anymore. As Fortisil OSA capsule is there with amazing features that will make your hair strong and stop hair Falling. It will stimulate the growth of the hair. Within 2 months you will get results. Not only hair, but it will make your nails and skin radiant too.

It doesn’t have any side effects, but you have to follow the dosage form as it is instructed. It is advised that only two capsules per day can be taken. You can buy Fortisil capsules online, hence you don’t have to struggle much.

What is Silicium?

Silicium is a non-metallic chemical element that is found widely in a wide range of natural resources like green leafy plants and now with the research, it has been used in many oil, gel, and supplement forms. Fortisil OSA is also among them.

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Not only for hair care products, but it is also used in cases like.     

  1. Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Weak bone (Osteoporosis)
  3. Treatment of strains and muscle sprain
  4. Digestive system disorder

Silicium is also a trace element for the human body which plays important role in collagen synthesis and also improves the quality of the skin by strengthening it and providing elasticity. Therefore, it is used in various skin and hair care products.

Getting Healthy and Fine Hair Growth

How Silicium is beneficial for hair growth?

  • Makes hair stronger: through various research, it has been found that choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) supplements contribute to the strengthening of the hair and also improve the hair structure. Also with its amorphous nature, it improves and enhances the elasticity and break load of the hair, making it thicker and beautiful.
  • Prevention of hair loss: to prevent the hair from getting fallen it is necessary to make its roots strong. It has been found that hair contains a remarkable amount of Silicium in it. Hence, with Fortisil OSA, you can improve the Silicium content in your hair. Which will eventually prevent the hair from getting fallen.

Biotin Vs Silicium

Most people use biotin products for their health care routine which is quite good for the health of hair. Both Silicium and biotin have a positive impact on hair. However, it has been found that Silicium is more effective as compared to biotin. Biotin promotes hair growth but Silicium is multi-tasking and it not only promotes hair growth but also reduces hair fall, providing the hair a better structure and elasticity.


With the therapeutic effect of Silicium, you can make your hair stronger and stronger and can get healthy and beautiful hair.

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