Different Factors Which Are Relevant For Expungement Orders

Expunging orders can be life-changing for the person who receives them. Ask someone who has been trying to get the expungement orders and they will tell you how drastically their life changes after receiving the order. In the USA, every other kid has at least one parent who has a criminal record. This is the condition of our society.


It is important to note that these criminal records are maintained even in those cases where the charges were dropped and did not lead to any conviction. Thus, regardless of your fault, if you were arrested then you will carry on with the burden of the charges forever. This criminal record is public data. It can be accessed by anyone including employers and colleges.

Imagine you planning to apply for your dream college and not getting an entry into it for your past criminal record even though the charges on you were dropped. This is where the expungement orders come to place. If you are wondering how to expunge your criminal record then you will get all your answers in this article.

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Is the offense even eligible for expungement?


The first factor that is relevant while applying for the expungement order is whether the crime is even relevant for the expungement order. It must be noted that the expungement order is only against a particular crime. This means that there is no blanket expungement order against the entire criminal record.

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The following crimes are not eligible for expungement orders:

1- Sexual offenses

2- Offences including deadly weapons

3- Homicides

4- Violent crimes

5- Manslaughter

Arrest vs conviction expungement

There is a difference between getting the expungement for an arrest and getting the expungement for a conviction. It is relatively easy to get the expungement order for the mere arrest and getting an expungement order for the conviction order will be a little difficult. To get an expungement order or a sealing order of a conviction, you will have to wait longer.



The most important factor for getting the expungement is the lawyer that you engage. Your lawyer must be an expert in the legal field so that you do not have to regret it later.

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