Strategies for Independent Contractors and Self-Employed People on Filing Annual Taxes

Anybody who works best for themselves is recognized as self-utilized by the government and needed to file for an agenda C taxes on all earnings they receive. Which includes everybody from someone already receiving social security who’s compensated in cash for mowing neighborhood lawns to the one who consumes money through sales, carpeting layer contracting with local stores for installation work, and then any other people who generate earnings. Many people even have to file several Schedule C.


The key to creating a company that meets your needs is based on keeping receipts for each cent spent to be able to offset those earnings, and filing correctly. Most independent contractors do not have the time for you to do once a month bookkeeping so they are stuck attempting to organize everything once they tackle that disorganized pile of receipts at the finish of the season. And knowing the government rules for the industry may be enough, but you should know what’s considered normal for the industry.

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Although it’s not hard to hire a company to organize an agenda C small company taxes for you personally unless of course, you realize just what the IRS expects of the self-employed person whose taxes won’t be accurate and you will never get every tax break permitted.


Surviving a tax audit is extremely easy with organized records. Independent contractors may wish to begin by following these four simple rules:

Never mix business earnings with personal earnings and expenses. The Government can disallow otherwise worthy deductions should you mix all of them with personal business so always deposit all business earnings right into a separate banking account.

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Have a detailed diary of business miles, particularly if you make use of a vehicle furthermore personal miles. This really is needed to be able to go ahead and take mileage deduction that is frequently a large one for independent contractors.


When deducting meals you have to write what they are called of everybody at this meal, along with the business discussed, around the receipt. Remember the end.

Individuals who make or buy products for resale are needed to trace their inventory for IRS purposes.

You should also learn what you could and can’t subtract, how you can track tips, document earnings, handle inventory, produce audit-proof records and make up a simple report with all the figures essential for an agenda C small company taxes.


All of this must be done prior to visiting the tax pro, or technology-not only to accomplish your personal tax form.

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