What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction or Abuse?

A lot of people are getting addicted to drugs every year across the world. Many people are spoiling their relationships with their family and friends due to drug addiction. A lot of people have spoiled their life because of this habit. To keep a check on this problem, it is important to create awareness among people about the dangers of drug addictions. It is extremely important in the present day to be aware of the warning signs of drug addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

If any of your loved ones are suffering from drug addiction, you could contact Pacific Beach Health. The therapists here help the drug addicts lead a normal life without any addiction. Contact the therapists here and you will understand how amazing their treatment would be. What is the neuroscience of addiction? Keep reading to know about it.

According to neuroscience research, it is a relapsing and chronic brain disease that is triggered due to repeated exposure to harmful drugs. When it comes to drugs they usually interfere with the brain and cause several problems.

Drug Addiction Signs

  • Physical Symptoms: Some of the physical symptoms of drug addiction are bloodshot eyes and puffy eyes. The texture of the skin changes with drug addiction. Their skin looks extremely pale due to drug addiction. Smiling unnecessarily, slurred speech, and severe itching in certain areas of the body are some of the signs of drug addiction.
  • Mood Swings: People lose control of themselves due to drug addiction sometimes. If someone in your family usually stays calm and quiet all the time, taking drugs can make them feel sad, angry, and happy all of a sudden. The mood of such people changes quickly.
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Signs of Drug Addiction

  • Paraphernalia: Look for items such as syringes, bongs, pipes, lighters, cigarette wrapping papers, razor blades, and burnt spoons in their bedroom. It is important for every parent to check their children’s bedroom frequently to understand whether everything is alright in their life.
  • Overall Appearance: You will also observe a great change in their overall appearance. Abusing alcohol and drugs for a long period of time can cause significant physical changes. Most drugs suppress the appetite and cause various adverse effects. One of these side-effects includes a sudden change in weight. The individual abusing drugs might gain or lose weight all of a sudden. They look very weak as they don’t eat food properly.
  • Loss Of Interest: Those individuals will not be interested to do any activities. They leave all their hobbies and friends. They don’t concentrate on any of their works. They always try to escape from their friends and family members. They prefer to spend their time alone.
  • Sleep Habits: There will be a change in their sleep habits too. They will either sleep more or less. Most drug addicts sleep for long hours during day time. Some people don’t sleep at all.

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Signs of Drug Addiction

  • Abusive words: They use abusive words when they are in public. They disrespect their friends and family members.

Take the treatment for the drug addiction immediately by approaching a good mental health therapist in your location!

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