How Can Stem Cell Therapy Be Useful for Treating Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is one such disease that is affecting millions of people all around the world. This is so painful and problematic that it is affecting your daily life. As there is no cure for this, you can still have treatments to reduce the discomfort. One such option is surgery too. These treatments do have their own side effects and that is the reason we need a good alternative for the same.

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One such alternative treatment for osteoarthritis is stem cell therapy. This therapy has been used to induce profound healing activity. Treatment with stem cell therapy can help you get back to the living that you have dreamed of. This cutting-edge stem cell treatment has helped many people cure their anti-aging problems including knee joint injuries.

How Can Stem Cells Help in Treating Osteoarthritis?

There was a preliminary study that was carried out by scientists, which showed how stem cells were used to ease osteoarthritis. Though the study was done on a small scale, the results were very promising and are a good start for larger studies.

Initially, the scientists used these stem cells to understand the formation of the joint tissues, and then model how these cartilages would break down and how a new cartilage can be made to replace the old one.

It was found that cartilage doesn’t redevelop. Due to this challenge, the researchers need to figure out how these cartilages were formed prenatally. Researchers can then use the factors found in embryonic joint formation to turn these pluripotent stem cells (the cells that can become any other cell) into cartilage.

Using this understanding of how the joints are formed during the embryonic stage, researchers can then mimic these cells in the lab to repair the damaged cartilage or to activate a new cell in the patient to create new cartilage.

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What is the Potential that Osteoarthritis Can be Treated by Stem Cells?

Stem cells can be very helpful in repairing damaged joints in many ways like modulating how your immune system responds to the new cells, delivering the number of cells to create new cartilage, regenerating the cartilage, and transplanting the stem cell-generated cartilage.

Stem cell therapies can be very helpful in providing pain relief, reducing the kind of inflammation, and replacing joint tissues.

Now that you know stem cells can be helpful for osteoarthritis patients in the future, but currently, there is no such procedure that has been proven safe and effective via clinical trials. It has not even gotten any regulatory approval. To make the stem cells proven safe to treat OA, it is important that the potential treatments need to be treated in robust, controlled, and regulated clinical trials.

There are many clinics that claim that they can solve this OA issue with the help of stem cell therapy. This means that they are making use of mesenchymal stromal cells which are extracted from the blood, fat, or bone marrow. This may have a very small quantity of live stem cells. However, clinical trials are still going on, to test the regenerative capabilities of the cells. So be careful before you decide on a clinic to go ahead with the therapy.

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