Stephen Taylor Propaganda – Stays in the Forefront of Selling Innovative Corporate Promotional Products

Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor is the CEO of Propaganda and Sweet Concepts, a brand name for corporate promotional products. The company is headquartered in London, UK, and caters to the marketing & advertising niche. In this digital world, there is an escalation in competition.

So, corporates typically look for promotional products that can effectively promote their brand. They look for useful and relevant giveaways to grab the attention of their target audience.

Stephen Taylor Propaganda founder has designed innovative promotional products that help organizations leave a lasting impression on recipients, as well as the potential to generate a positive return on investment. Corporations also consider the cost while not compromising product quality.

Propaganda & Sweet Concept are designed to empower corporates to buy promotional items suitable to their budget without concerns about material quality.

In 1993, Propaganda was established and since then it is the forefront of the corporate gifting and branding market. Stephen started with promotional confectionery called the Thank You mint under a company called Sweet Concepts. He soon saw the opportunity to introduce promotional products that can help corporates in their advertising and marketing projects.

As a creator, he was into making products unique for corporates to give the recipients a personalized feel like the product is designed especially for them.


Some best-sold promotional products are patented. It includes the Mini Mint-it Cube because it is a toy, and offers 5 sides to promote the brand message in HD print. The Click-It tin contains sugar-free mints and has enough printing space for branding. The Mint Star Tin is sleek and slips with ease into the recipient’s pocket. Mint Twister is fun with a high fidget factor filled with sugar-free mints. The design is light, and sleek yet works with stability.

Some corporates prioritize eco-friendly or socially responsible options because it conveys that a company is environmentally conscious and committed to sustainability. It demonstrates that the company is aware of its impact on the environment and is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. This helps build a positive brand image and improve customer loyalty, especially among consumers who prioritize environmental responsibility.

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For such purposes, Stephen Taylor Propaganda store offers promotional gift bags, wallets, sports bottles, tumblers, power banks, bottle openers, etc. made from recycled and sustainable materials. The Petra paper bag is made from recycled marble and stone gathered from construction sites. The bags are strong, silky smooth, and softer than the gloss laminate paper bags.

In the customized clothing option, Propaganda offers lots of decorating options. It includes patch embroidery, matching/contrasting inside collars, dye sublimation print, colored buttons, and customized zip pulls. Organizations can customize hats & caps, notepads & diaries, badges & key rings, bags, and umbrellas. The winner of the BPMA product of 2022 is the Prodir QS20 eco-friendly stone ball pen.


Stephen Taylor Propaganda designs unique promotional products suitable to corporates’ different purposes and targets audiences. He is proud to be an innovator, creator, and visionary in designing promotional products that are functional to the corporates as well as to the end users.

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