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What Makes Stucco Design the Ideal Choice For Any Home?


The stucco exterior is something that has its own value in the world of architecture. It delivers quality, durability, and even beauty to the buildings that are built with this design. Almost all architects prefer including this design in their buildings because of the wonderful finish that it offers to any wall.

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Benefits of Stucco Designs

The idea of stucco design installation has many benefits while designing any building. They are listed below.

  • Effective 

Sand, cement, and crushed marbles are all dense materials. When all these dense materials are combined together, they form a sturdy compound, and this compound is ideal for insulating a home as strongly as possible. When compared to other substances such as brick, and vinyl, these are the very best options for stucco designs.

  • Custom Options 

The color options are all decided by the partnerships of the manufacturers and the contractors. The stucco solution offers the easy mixing of the pigments directly into the solution of brick, mortar, and sand. The best part of using stucco is that you need not worry about painting the wall for the next few years.

  • Moisture Resistant 

EIFS or also known as Exterior Insulation Finish Systems is the layer that is used to barrier the stucco layer. The insulation avoids the entry of any percentage of moisture into the layer where stucco is utilized. Hence, the walls will be fungi and microbe-resistant for many years to come.

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  • Durable 

Stucco is the best choice for walls that should last for more than fifty years. Studies have shown that the stucco layer has the capacity to expand and shrink according to the surrounding environment. This factor will avoid all the chances of crumbling and also cracking the walls.

  • Fire-resistant 

The main ingredients of stucco are sand and cement. These materials are naturally known for their fire-resistant factor, and hence are ideal for making the house fire-resistant. Hence, stucco is chosen in more percentage than wood and vinyl.

  • Versatility 

Stucco is versatile and can be blended with any colors and themes of the exterior decoration. Hence, it is chosen against many regular materials such as steel and wood.

  • Increase in the Market Value 

Stucco should be dried thoroughly before any other step is taken while using it in the construction sites. Once dried, it will be the best and also the right choice for home designing. It can make a house earthquake-resistant, energy efficient, rot-resistant, fire resistant, soundproof, and also of a low maintenance building.

The ideal benefit of choosing stucco designs for the house is that it makes a building of very low maintenance. The wetter climates and the hotter climates both can be easily crossed along with the help of stucco design. The versatile, and also durable insulation will make the house last for more than a decade.

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