Amazon Account Suspension Reasons and Reinstatement Process

A message saying, ‘Your Amazon account is suspended’ is the worst nightmare for every Amazon seller. Account suspension can badly impact sales and money is lost until Amazon acts to reinstate it. If you are unaware or new to being a seller then check their Amazon reinstatement service.


How does Amazon’s reinstatement service work?

Before getting familiar with account reinstatement working, let’s understand account suspension’s what, how, and why. Account suspension happens when the seller’s sales privileges are removed for certain reasons. For example, if Amazon seller breaches its terms and conditions. Reinstatement is a process, where the seller’s suspended account is re-established and running.

Classification of account suspensions


  1. Listing suspension – It occurs when specific products listing is Amazon suspended for a specific reason.
  2. Account suspension – It happens when the seller’s entire account is suspended or blocked, which results in losing selling rights on the Amazon portal. The seller cannot sell anything within the suspension period or until the issue is resolved and the account is reestablished.

A huge downside of account suspension is that costs related to seller’s products like storage costs, supplier’s fees, employee salaries, and more will endure to consume your resources until the problem is fixed.

Common reasons for account suspension


  • Holding multiple accounts under the same name
  • Product listing reported being fake
  • Expired items
  • Product listing breaches Amazons guidelines like second-hand things sold as new
  • Order defect rate is high
  • Negative customer experience
  • Safety complaints
  • Selling prohibited items
  • Other policy violations
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There are several causes for account suspension like external factors that are out of your control. Ensure to keep account performance updated, avoid unethical practice, enhance metrics consistently, and address complaints promptly.

How to reinstate a suspended account?


Never panic on reading the account suspended email but find out the reason for suspension. It is essential to take steps to reinstate the suspended account as soon as possible. Emotions can make you rush the reinstatement process, so hire experts that offer Amazon reinstatement service.

Submit a POA [Plan of Action], which is generally an appeal letter that states what steps you will take to fix the problem. Amazon reviews your POA and determines whether to lift the suspension or not.

How to draft a POA –

  • Introduction – Define your business details in brief and the reason for account suspension.
  • Description – Detailed description of issues and how you detected the reasons for their occurrence.
  • Action plan – Take full responsibility, even if you are not guilty, and determine the action plan to prevent the happening of such issue in the future.
  • Conclusion – Reiterate the plan in brief and politely requests to have your account and seller’s right reinstated.


When you draft a POA ensure to keep it precise and to the point. Ensure not to go defensive because in this way your account will get reinstated as fast as possible. The tone has to be neutral – both factual and objective – regarding your action plan…..keep emotions at bay!

Expect to receive a response in two days, so stay patient and positive!

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