The Hidden Wonders of Italy You Should Not Miss

The Hidden Wonders of Italy You Should Not Miss 1

Italy is one of the amazing tourist destinations in the world that give a joyous feeling to the visitors. Some of places are quite popular among travellers while some are hidden from the public views. If you want to visit off the track places in Italy then make sure to get detailed information about the places while planning the tour.

You can have the required details of Italy off the beaten path destinations from well-acclaimed travel agencies like the Italy Luxury Tours website. They are professional travel agents having years of experience and hence, your trip to Italy’s spectacular places is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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The Hidden Wonders of Italy You Should Not Miss 3

The off the beaten path places of Italy you need to add to your bucket list:

  • Ventotene Island – It is a summer holiday destination where you can roll on the beaches and swim without any concern about being watched by the crowd. There are many cliffs around the seashore thus it is a popular sport to jump in seawater from the nearest cliff. There are boat trips to the island Santo Stefano, which was once a prison. Summer months are the best time to visit the place as the sea won’t be rough.
  • Noto – One of the Sicilian architectural treasures places that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage. It nestles historic churches and gorgeous Baroque structures. Many famous cafes are nestled serving the ever-relishing dessert, artisan granite.
  • Tri Cime di Laveredo – The spectacular rock formations seen closer are enticing and portray nature’s mystic wonders. There are hiking tours arranged for hikers and small cafes at the parking space of the peaks. The breathtaking views from above are one of the never to miss sights.
  • Mount Etna – The perfect place for an adventurous climb on a volcano mountain. Rarely, tourists even visualize active volcanoes. There are arranged tours to reach the summit of the mountain thus you won’t get lost in the midst of the clouds enveloping the mountain.
  • Barbarano Romano – It is the best place to nestle in midst of the medieval century world. The place’s history backs to the 13th century and still,l you can visualize vast glimpses of structures built in that era. It is the most appropriate place to enjoy a holiday away from the crowd. Many small cafes serve tasty Italian food that can be packed to enjoy the lustrous greenery found in abundance near the village.
  • Scanno – The most suitable touring town for honeymooners and elderly people as the town is scarcely populated and is a natural bliss land having an interesting history. It is a photographer’s paradise as the people still follow the old traditional culture of living that is treasured to be captured in camera. There are wonderful natural surprises that keep everyone lured to enjoy a camping holiday. The Lago di Scanno heart-shaped lake at the foot of the Apennine Mountains is one of the major attractions of tourists.
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