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Do You Know the Benefits of Using a Laser Scanning for Your Survey?

For the measurement of infrastructure, one of the most efficient and accurate methods available is called 3D laser scanning.

This kind of scanning survey will involve the collection of remote data points from your building or structure at a much higher speed compared to conventional surveying techniques.

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How does it work?

A 3D laser scanner will emit laser light beams across the area where scanning is needed. It is able to measure the distance depending on how long it will take the light beams to return, and also calculate 3D locations accurately at higher speeds.

These scanners can create ‘point clouds’ of data out of the surface of a certain object, area, or feature.

It is possible to map each ‘point’ accurately in 3D rendering software, as a result, surveyors can get a complete 3D digital map, which is accurate both in terms of dimensions and spatial relationships.

What are the various benefits of a laser survey?

1. Greater speed and efficiency

One of the main benefits of such 3D laser scanning is that it can combine speed with accuracy. Most scanners available in the market are deploying 3D scanners that can make sure that the measurement is accurate.

CAD drawings can be obtained easily to help your projects to complete faster with better accuracy and also better organized.

3D scanning involves a lot of digital technology, which can make the process faster and more accurate by using only a very few resources.

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2. Lower costs and offer more value

On any construction site, costs can always escalate quickly. But because of the faster turn-around time and also the higher degree of precision available in 3D laser scanning, it would mean that businesses will incur far lower costs.

Due to a higher degree of accuracy, also there is a lesser need for expensive re-work. Throughout the construction process, a laser scanning process will allow developers to add much higher value to their construction process.

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3. Versatility

For many of the design and construction professionals, this kind of 3D laser scanning will be very helpful.

The following professionals can exploit these benefits:

  • Architects
  • Land surveyors
  • Civil engineers
  • CAD professionals
  • Contractors
  • Plant designers
  • Developers

They can heavily rely on accurate data and re-works that escalate very fast. Therefore, 3D laser scanners can be very useful for these professions.

4. Panoramic views

If the building elevation or any commercial project, where the development site is quite vast or complex, contractors can deploy these multiple laser scans of those sites from many different angles and all the vantage points can be saved together to produce one, merged view of the architect.

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The 3D laser scanning method is an extremely fast, efficient, versatile, and cost-effective method to help many different professionals who are involved in a big construction project. This new digital method has made life much easier for them.

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