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10 Inspirational Chinoiserie Wallpaper Ideas for Decorating any Room

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Chinoiserie wallpaper is a decorative style that was popular in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. The name “chinoiserie” is derived from the French word “chinois,” which means “Chinese.” Chinoiserie wallpaper typically features whimsical, imaginative depictions of Chinese landscapes, figures, and motifs.

The style was popular as a way to bring exotic, far-off places into the home and was often associated with wealth and luxury. Chinoiserie wall murals are decorative paintings or wall coverings that feature this particular style and can be used to add a touch of exotic elegance to a room.

They are often used in traditional or classical interior design styles and can help to create a sense of history and sophistication in a space.

Chinoiserie remains an influential style to this day and continues to inspire designers and artists in new and creative ways. Feather Chinoiserie wallpapers and murals are available in a variety of styles that can enliven any room’s interiors.

10 Inspirational Chinoiserie Wallpaper Ideas for Interior Designing

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  1. “Blooming Garden”: The wallpaper features a colorful, detailed illustration of a traditional Chinese garden filled with blooming flowers, cherry blossom trees, and koi fish.
  2. “Golden Pagoda”: A golden, illuminated pagoda surrounded by lush green trees, symbolizing peace and prosperity.
  3. “Bamboo Forest”: The wallpaper features featuring a dense bamboo forest with shafts of sunlight filtering through the branches. It induces a serene and calming effect.
  4. “Dragon Dance”: An energetic and vibrant wallpaper featuring a scene of traditional dragon dance in celebration of the Chinese New Year.
  5. “Majestic Peacock”: The wallpaper beautifully depicts a majestic peacock with its feathers spread out in full display, symbolizing beauty and good fortune.
  6. “Moonlit Cherry Blossoms”: The serene wallpaper features cherry blossom trees under the light of a full moon, symbolizing the fleeting nature of beauty and life.
  7. “Waterfall Paradise”: A peaceful wallpaper of a waterfall in a lush green landscape, surrounded by trees and birds, symbolizing tranquillity and harmony.
  8. “Dragon Boat Festival”: The lively wallpaper features a scene from the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese celebration, with dragon boats racing and drummers performing.
  9. “Lantern Festival”: The colorful wallpaper showcases the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, with lanterns of various shapes and sizes illuminating the night sky.
  10. “Imperial Palace”: The grand wallpaper features an illustration of an imperial palace in ancient China, complete with courtyards, gardens, and pavilions, symbolizing wealth and power.
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How to Create a Feature Wall with Chinoiserie Wallpaper?

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Here are Some Steps to Create a Feature Wall with Chinoiserie Wallpaper:

  1. Choose The Wall: Decide which wall in the room you want to feature. It’s often the wall that draws the most attention, such as the wall behind a sofa or headboard. It even goes well in the bathroom and bedroom.
  2. Prepare The Wall: Ensure the wall is clean, smooth, and dry. Fill any holes or cracks and sand down any rough areas.
  3. Measure The Wall: Measure the height and width of the wall to determine how much wallpaper you will need. Remember to allow extra for matching patterns and trimming.
  4. Cut The Wallpaper: Cut the wallpaper to the correct length, leaving a little extra at the top and bottom.
  5. Apply Wallpaper Paste: Apply wallpaper paste to the back of the wallpaper, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Hang The Wallpaper: Start at the top of the wall and carefully align the wallpaper with the ceiling and the corners. Smooth out any bubbles as you go. Repeat with the remaining pieces of wallpaper, making sure to match up the pattern.
  7. Trim The Wallpaper: Once the wallpaper is hung, trim any excess from the top and bottom with a sharp blade or craft knife.
  8. Clean Up: Wipe away any excess paste and allow the wallpaper to dry completely.

With these steps, you can create a stunning feature wall with Chinoiserie wallpaper. Enjoy your new decor!

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