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Read To Know About Woodworm, and How You Can Treat It


Woodworm is the most frequent cause of timber damage that can have a very long-lasting effect on your building’s framework if woodworm remains untreated. There are a few forms of these wood boring insects that can be more harmful to our timber than others.

It is always the best thing to consult pest control Salford to identify the issue so that they can recommend the best action for the home or business premises.

What is woodworm?


Generally, woodworm is the term that is given to the wood-boring insects during their larval stage, which will see eggs laid into certain small cracks on any timber surface. As the eggs get hatched, the larvae will bore into the searching for wood for its cellulose to create chambers and tunnels from which a certain adult insect will emerge out eventually.

Based on this wood-boring insect, the flight-holes, from where the adults emerge, and also the frass will differ, though all that damages that occur to the wood surface for woodworm may be difficult to spot, considering the diameter of the exit holes so small.

How can you get rid of woodworm?


While treating any type of woodworm, it is extremely important to identify the exact type of woodworm correctly so that you can deal with them appropriately. If you are not too sure, then it is always the best thing to consult a specialist.

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Surface treatment

Woodworm treatment

In case your woodworm problem is limited only to small items like furniture, then you can treat it effectively yourself by using the right treatments by using proper techniques.

For common furniture beetles, you can easily treat with a brush, dipping, or spraying application of any Permethrin-based woodworm treatment. You can apply them to all timbers that are affected by woodworm.

As a precaution, you must also treat any nearby timbers for protecting against future outbreaks. After that, you must re-paint and re-varnish on the treated surfaces after they get dry.

Injection treatment

Woodworm treatment

Any deathwatch beetle infestations may occur deep within the timber, so it will be necessary to treat by injection and also a surface treatment. You can do this by injecting certain woodworm treatment spray well into all the exit holes that are left by these adult beetles.

Also, you can drill into the danger zone by filling the wood with any gel or paste woodworm treatment. Often the larvae of any deathwatch beetle can cause more harm than any common furniture beetle. Hence, it is good to confirm with a professional before you go for any treatment.

Whenever you suspect that you have got an infestation of house longhorn woodworm then consult a specialist. The entire timber within your building may need treatment and must be inspected for its structural integrity.

In case, you find your timber is totally free from any severe structural damage then the infestation is just minor, and it may be quite safe to go ahead to tackle it with similar treatment and the methods that you would use for treating deathwatch beetles.

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